@Planning’s wide range of planning related services are as follows:

  • Rezoning, subdivision, departure and other related town planning applications, specialising in the Western Cape
  • Removal of restrictive title deed conditions and applications in terms of other town planning related legislation
  • Development concepts, layout and site development planning and applications for:
    • Residential developments, guesthouses and hotels
    • Commercial, retail and industrial development projects
    • Recreational facilities and other infrastructure
  • Special interest in transportation planning related projects and renewable energy projects
  • Specialist advice, input and assessments in terms of built environment legislation
  • Town planning due diligence investigations
  • Preparation of and specialist input into zoning schemes and other planning legislation
  • Project co-ordination and management during the planning stages (pre-implementation)
  • Preparation of policy plans, structure plans and local, sub-regional and regional spatial development frameworks
  • In depth knowledge of town planning and building plan processes within the municipal and provincial authorities in the Western Cape