Land development applications

@Planning specialises in submitting land development applications for residential and commercial developers and property owners primarily within the Western Cape. We assist developers with managing multi-disciplinary projects from the design phase through to the statutory planning submission phase. We represent our clients throughout the statutory application process and will ensure all the prescribed processes are duly followed. We provide a full range of services for land development applications including managing multi-disciplinary teams, project management, statutory process and negotiating with the various departments and decision makers on behalf of our client.

  • Undertake status quo investigation with regards to existing rights.
  • Provide input during the design stage and guide the client and consultant team on policy & legal requirements, best practice and authority requirements.
  • Give input and co-ordinate the preparation of site development plans, urban design frameworks, masterplans, precinct plans and all other specialist reports required for the submission.
  • Formulate the planning motivation reports and plans and submit these to the authorities.
  • Ensure compliance with legislative process, responding to objections and negotiating with authorities on requirements.
  • Represent the client in any hearings or tribunals.

The type of applications we regularly work on include rezonings, consent use applications, subdivisions and consolidations, removal of restrictive title conditions, departure applications, or any other application prescribed by planning legislation.

Areas of focus or special interest:

  • Transport planning related projects
  • Renewable energy projects (Western and Northern Cape)
  • Zoning schemes in the Western Cape

Planning Policy, planning law and zoning schemes

@Planning has extensive experience in the Western Cape with the drafting of zoning schemes, planning legislation and policies. @Planning’s approach to this work is founded in undertaking solid research and tailoring a product and process according to the client’s needs. The process which @Planning follows is specifically designed to be inclusive and hands-on, ensuring that the client departments are taken along in the process and empowered at its conclusion to implement effectively.