Somerset West: Amended Rezoning Conditions at The Pond

Project name:
The Pond
Property Description:
Portion 81 of Farm 794, Somerset West
Professional team:
Town planners: @Planning; Architects: JKPG;
Submission Date:
4 April 2008;
Approval Date:
18 September 2008

The 4.4ha site was already zoned for general business rights and had 8800m2 bulk allocated to it in the original rezoning and subdivision approval. This application consisted of a proposal to amend of the conditions of approval and the design guidelines applicable to the site to permit 16884m2 office development on the site. @Planning was appointed to make the necessary town planning applications to acquire the rights for the additional bulk. After advertising, two objections were received. Based on @Planning’s response, the objections were overruled by Council and the application was approved. No appeals were lodged.

@Planning’s tasks included the following:

  • Advise the client and architect on Zoning Scheme parameters, definitions and implications for design
  • Provide detail input on the Site Development Plan
  • Contact adjacent land owners to discuss the application
  • Analyse the bulk allocation in the entire Triangle site, appropriately document allocated bulk in a table and determine available bulk for re-allocation
  • Prepared the motivation report and application documentation in terms of the Land Use Planning Ordinance
  • Liaise with Council Branches to address their comments and resolve conflicting comments