Constantia: Subdivision Erf 6670 Tamarisk Lane

Project name:
Tamarisk Lane, Constantia
Property Description:
Erf 6670, Constantia
Savannah Dancer Investments 33 (Pty) Ltd.
Professional team:
Town planners: @Planning; Architects: Wynand Wilsenach Architects
Submission Date:
8 July 2008
Approval Date:
30 September 2008

@Planning was appointed to apply for the subdivision of the above property into two (2) portions to allow for the construction of one dwelling house on each of the newly created erven. As part of the application departures from the zoning scheme regulations regarding building line parameters were included to accommodate the proposed dwelling houses.

@Planning’s tasks included the following:

  • Ensure subdivision complies with minimum subdivision standards
  • Brief and advise the architect on the design in accordance with zoning scheme regulations
  • Prepare new subdivision diagram
  • Prepare application report with full motivation in terms of the Land Use Planning Ordinance
  • Submit the application and ensure its successful processing through the municipality