Pinelands: South African Centre for the Netherlands and Flanders (SACNAF)

Project name:
South African Centre for the Netherlands and Flanders (SACNAF)
Property Description:
Erf 1958, Pinelands
Gelria Properties (Pty) Ltd.
Town planners:
Town Planners: @Planning; Architects: PDA Architects
Submission Date:
13 November 2008
Approval Date:
9 April 2009

The Huis der Nederlanden (newly named the South African Centre for the Netherlands and Flanders) was operating as a cultural center and place of instruction for the past 11 years. In order to increase revenue the organisation intended to undertake refurbishments to the existing building to allow the centre to be used as a “place of instruction”. To ensure that all the property rights were in-place @Planning was engaged to apply for the consent of Council to permit a “place of instruction”. Technical departures were included in the application. These departures were included to regularise the existing building in line with the Pinelands Zoning Scheme regulations.

@Planning’s tasks included the following:

  • Advise client on the most suitable application in terms of the Land Use Planning Ordinance (LUPO) and the Title Deed conditions
  • Brief and advise the architect on the design in accordance with zoning scheme regulations
  • Prepare application report with full motivation in terms of LUPO
  • Submit the application and ensure its successful processing through the municipality