Woodstock: Rezoning of Photographic Studio, Roodebloem Building

Project name:
Roodebloem Photographic Studios
Property Description:
Erf 13865, Woodstock (Roodebloem Studios) and Erf 13547 Woodstock (Church)
Roodebloem Studios CC
Professional team:
Town planners: @Planning; Architects: Till Manecke Architects
Submission Date:
10 June 2009
Approval Date:
April 2010

The client commenced with a low key photographic studio in the Church building some 10 years ago without realising the requirements for rezoning. When plans to expand to the studio across the road revealed the need for rezoning, @Planning was approached to regularise the land use at the church as well as rezone the new studios. The applications required a temporary departure, as well as a rezoning, departures and special consent for building work in an Urban Conservation Area.

@Planning’s tasks included the following:

  • Advise client on the most suitable LUPO application types.
  • Prepare application reports with full motivation in terms of the Land Use Planning Ordinance
  • Undertake public participation, including meetings with Ratepayers Association
  • Ensure approval of proposals by Heritage Western Cape
  • Submit the application and ensure its successful processing through the municipality