De Aar: Renewable Energy Rezoning for Wind Turbines at Smouspoort & Zwartekopjes,

Project name: 
Smouspoort & Zwartekopjes, De Aar  Wind Turbine Rezoning
Mulilo Pty Ltd
Professional team: 
@Planning Town Planning; DJ Environmental Consultants
Submission Date:
15 September 2011
Approval Date:
16 March 2012

@Planning applied on behalf of Mulilo and the land owners for rezoning of the properties to Special Zone to allow Renewable energy (Wind turbine infrastructure). All agricultural activities will continue on the farms.

@Planning’s tasks included the following:

  • Analysing the existing town planning informants in the area
  • Analysing the applicable zoning scheme and rights of properties
  • Undertaking the necessary field surveys
  • Mapping all the information on CAD
  • Overlaying all specialist information and ensuring compliance with all specialist studies
  • Ensure compliance of all proposals with the EIA ROD
  • Submitting the applications with the relevant municipalities, in this case De Aar in the Northern Cape
  • Liaising with the authorities to finalise the municipal reports for submission to the relevant Council
  • Project management and project administration