Somerset West: Development Framework for AECI site

Project name:
Heartland Site AECI Somerset West
Professional team:
Town planners: @Planning and Anton Lotz; Urban Design: Piet Louw and Dave Dewar; Traffic and Transport: HHO Africa; Engineers: BauAfrika and Arcus Gibb; Land Surveyor: Terry McSweeney; Landscape Architects: Planning Partners; Environmental: Doug Jeffrys; Heritage: Melanie Atwell.
Appointment Date:
August 2007 –December 2008

The planning of this 750ha site was undertaken by the team to inform the scope and extent for the next town planning application on this strategic site. Planning of such a large site poses particular challenges –on the level of overall concept, availability of services, development concept and overall approach. The concept was for a new town within the City –promoting compact urban form, live-work-play opportunities, public transport and a truly mixed use environment. Public vs private environment received particular focus to create a vibrant urban development.
@Planning worked in partnership with Anton Lotz Town Planners on this project.

@Planning’s tasks included the following:

  • Work with the urban design team on formulating the overall development approach
  • Prepared various bulk scenarios
  • Assessed compatibility with regional and local planning policy and advised on amendments
  • Prepared CAD drawings supporting all planning work
  • Involved in strategic advice to client on the extent of applications to be prepared based on long term analysis, availability of bulk services and construction programme of new services
  • Provide strategic planning input into client’s market, service provision, and feasibility analysis.
  • Provide strategic advice on zoning parameters and application structuring.
  • Integrate planning process with Environmental Impact Assessment and Heritage Impact Assessment process and provide strategic input into these processes.
  • Prepare amendment proposals for Structure Plan
  • Prepare first draft of rezoning and subdivision application document and plans.

Due to the drastic change in economic climate the project was halted by the client at the end of 2008.