City of Cape Town Integrated Zoning Scheme: Maps

Project name:
City of Cape Town: Integrated Zoning Scheme Map Conversion Project
Property Description:
All properties Cape Town Municipal Area
City of Cape Town
Professional team:
Town planners -maps: @Planning; Town Planners -regulations: Planning Partners; GIS: City of Cape Town
First Appointment:
April 2007 -February 2008
Second Appointment:
March 2011 – September 2011

The Integrated Zoning Scheme (IZS) is a set of Zoning Regulations which is to replace the current 27 Zoning Schemes in force in the Cape Town Municipal Area. The purpose of this project was to provide the framework for the conversion of the various zoning maps which accompany these old historical Zoning Schemes to one common Integrated Zoning Map.

@Planning’s tasks included the following:

  • Overall Design the project process, Management of project implementation
  • Manage the process of verifying existing zoning scheme boundaries and cadastral information –work with 8 Council Planning District offices
  • Manage the assessment of the accuracy of the existing zoning data and maps which were captured on the City’s current GIS system
  • Hold workshops to all Council District offices to brief them on the tasks to be undertaken
  • Prepare summaries of all the existing scheme regulations in the City
  • Prepare conversion rules to inform the conversion of maps
  • Manage the process of identifying exceptions to the standard conversion rules and determine the rules of how zoning was to be allocated to these cases
  • Manage the process of verifying the IZS allocations on the zoning maps and spot check plans for accuracy
  • Make recommendations on next critical actions and amendments to the regulations to accommodate rights more appropriately
  • Manage process of back-capturing (rezoning and subdivision) decisions which were neglected to be processed and captured
  • Capture the entire process in report format
  • End product: increased accuracy of existing zoning maps plus converted Integrated zoning maps which reflect new information.
  • @Planning’s overall task was to manage the project, ensure implementation and provision of high level specialist technical input and problem solving
  • The second appointment involved reviewing the map conversions in the light of amendments to the regulations
  • Legal technical issues with regards to the maps and applicability of zoning were resolved
  • Certain problem cases were identified and resolved
  • Zoning was more accurately captured.