Cape Town CBD: Guidelines for Land Use Management

Project name:
Central City Development Strategy: Guidelines for Land Use Management
City of Cape Town
Professional team:
Lead Consultant: Citythinkspace (Pty) Ltd; Town Planning: @Planning; Urban Design: Meyer & Vorster Architects; Heritage: Sarah Winter & Sally Titlestad Urban; Strategic development: Kagiso Urban Management;
Submission Date:
Jan 2011
Approval Date:

The City of Cape Town and the Cape Town Partnership together embarked on the preparation of an overall Development Strategy for the CBD area of Cape Town. This report forms a subcomponent of this larger strategy and focuses on providing detailed development guidelines with respect to the built form to mainly the private investment sector.

The study analyses the existing typical character areas within the Cape Town CBD, analyse the heritage context, gives a full overview of the existing zoning scheme rights, and creates an overall development vision for the City (focussing on the desirable built form in particular precincts).

The project also analysed the impact the new Draft Cape Town Zoning Scheme would have on the desired built form outcome, and made recommendation where amendments were required to effect a more desirable built form.

@Planning’s tasks included the following:

  • Analyse the existing zoning rights which are set out in the current zoning scheme regulations, such as land use, heights, floor area and coverage;
  • Research all other applicable regulations and restrictions such as Urban Conservation Areas, road widening schemes, scenic routes and so forth;
  • All this information was mapped on CAD;
  • Analysis was done for the various character areas and the appropriate land use and built form parameters for each area were determined;
  • An analysis was undertaken of the Draft New Cape Town Zoning Scheme and amendments were proposed to ensure the development guidelines of this plan can be implemented.