Boston, Bellville: Land Use Management Policy Plan

Project name: 
Boston Policy Plan
City of Cape Town
Professional team: 
Lead Consultant: @Planning Town Planning; Urban Design: Citythinkspace; Transport Engineers: Pendulum Consulting
Commencement Date:
Jan 2010
Approval Date:
November 2011

The purpose of the policy plan is to provide town planning and urban design guidance to future decisions in the suburb.  The plan will replace the 1998 Boston Policy Plan.  The study area comprises of the whole of the Boston suburb.

@Planning’s tasks included the following:

  • Analysing the existing town planning informants in the area
  • Analysing the applicable zoning scheme and rights of properties
  • Undertaking the necessary field surveys
  • Mapping all the information on CAD
  • Preparing a strategic development concept with the other consultants
  • Workshopping the proposals with various municipal branches
  • Attending and presenting the proposals at public meetings
  • Finalising a written report and plans for adoption by the City of Cape Town
  • Project management and project administration